Pit bulls, the ferocious teddy bears they are.

OMG, it’s a pit bull, everyone look out, they’ll drown you with kisses. I know what you’re thinking, Pit bulls are the worst dogs on the planet, well I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. I am a pit bull mom and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact. Have you ever wondered how an animal, who is designed by nature, to be man’s best friend could ever become so aggressive? Well here’s your answer, humans are the reason. When you have a dog, whose soul purpose is to please their owner, they’ll do whatever is necessary. Pit bulls have become stamped with the stereotype that they are untrainable, aggressive, dangerous dogs, who are good at nothing but violence. In all honesty, I understand how people can be timid towards them, when seeing one on the street. Well I am to advocate for the bully breed.
Did you know, that the bully breeds were originally bred to be nanny dogs, for people who didn’t want to hire babysitters? Pit bulls, as well as any other breed out of the bully bloodlines, were so trustworthy, that people could leave them alone with their infant children and had nothing to worry about. However, over time, as we humans do with anything, a terrible stigma has been placed over these dogs. Any dog, if raised to be so, can become an aggressive untrainable animal, as we humans could become aggressive as well if we had been raised that way. No housetrained pit bull has ever attacked their owner.
Our dog, Elvis, is a rescue. He was a fighting dog, mainly used for bait, for other dogs to attack him. You would think, given his history that he would be a timid, aggressive dog, but he is the complete opposite. He loves nothing more, than snuggles and bedtime kisses, and all the treats. Dogs just want companionship, they want to prove that they are man’s best friend. We as a human race, should more than willing, to overlook a dogs rough history and give them the second chances they deserve, as they would do the same for us. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but statistically speaking, off of an aggression test, housetrained pit bulls actually rank the lowest out of the recent breeds tested. So if you haven’t taken the time, to get really get to know the pit bulls I like to call teddy bears, you should do so. You’ll thank me in the long run, when you see just how incredible these dogs can be, not only as companions, but as soul menders.


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