Tinder and how it changed my life forever.

I’m sure you’ve read the title and thought “does this girl even know what she just said?” Well I mean exactly what I said. Tinder changed my life forever. Rewind about 7 1/2 months ago, it was a regular Monday and I was at work, which was out of the ordinary because Mondays are usually my day off. However now, I will forever be grateful for that Monday I decided to work. I had created a tinder that morning, not really thinking anything of it, but not expecting much either (given tinder’s reputation) when the dreamiest guy I’d ever seen sent me a message, asking where I worked & if he could come get a haircut. Of course, I said yes. With all the nervousness in the world I cut his hair & the rest is history. Fast forward to present day & life with Ryan is beyond blissful. He’s my bestfriend and we’ve created such a wonderful life together. Tinder will always be a skeptical dating website because well as we all know, the majority of people aren’t on there looking for what Ryan and I were, but with that being said, I will forever be thankful for tinder, for introducing me to the greatest human I’ve ever met, who is the light and the love of my life. 84CEB956-F047-4288-9686-251746F13810

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